7th Annual RUSD Middle School Art Contest

Exhibition: April 21 – May 20, 2018

Award Reception: Thursday, May 3, 2018, 5 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Open to all Riverside Unified School District middle-school students, please join us for the Award Reception where prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places from each school and one Best in Show. Winning pieces will be displayed at the RUSD Office after this exhibition.

2018 Winners

Congratulations to the following:


  1. Elizabeth Park “Charlie” – Baker
  2. Valentina Gomez “House in the Forest” – Baker
  3. David Gilett “3D Shapes Fox” – Cherry


  1. Lily Winterton “Flowers in the Field” – Bozek
  2. Makayla Lysiak “Untitled” – Bozek
  3. Chloe Ivy Caren “Untitled” – Bozek


  1. Vincent Medina “Life” – Bozek
  2. Alexis Pham “Paper Cranes” – Bozek
  3. Ricky Mena “False Perceptions” – Bozek


  1. Jacob Cervantes “Me” – Turner
  2. Kayla Plascensia “My Home” – Turner
  3. Alexis Kempis “This is My Heart” – Turner


  1. Kylie Gundrum “Untitled” – Amarin-Cruz
  2. Darolyn Shipley “Untitled” – Amarin-Cruz
  3. Jasmine De Los Santos “Untitled” – Amarin-Cruz

University Heights

  1. Jimena Aviles “Watercolor and Zentangle” – Coauette
  2. Sharenira Laureano “Zentangle and Watercolor” – Coauette
  3. Jada Cotton “My Alien Name” – Coauette

Stem Academy

  1. Tess Reznick “Untitled” – Higgins
  2. Maya Lippman “de l’ocean (from the ocean in French) – Higgins
  3. Isabella Olson “Illuminated Manuscript” – Higgins

Best in Show

To be announced at the Awards Reception.

RAM’s Choice

To be announced at the Awards Reception.