We look forward to seeing you!

Stop by our Visitor Services desk at the Riverside Art Museum during spring museum hours to purchase admission to the museum prior to June 18, 2022. Admission can be purchased on-site using cash, credit, or check.

Admission to The Cheech on opening day, June 18, 2022, are sold out.

Admission tickets to visit the Riverside Art Museum and The Cheech Center from June 19, 2022 through August 31, 2022 can be purchased by clicking the button below. Admission is timed and capacity is limited. To guarantee entry, please purchase your timed ticket in advance.

If you are a RAM member, please click the button below to reserve admission; you must be a current member, create an account, and be logged in to view the members-only admission page. If you would like to become a RAM member and get free admission to both sites plus other benefits, click here to join the RAM family first.

Please read through Visiting 101 and Entry Protocols for more info on how to visit the Riverside Art Museum and, soon, The Cheech Center.