Our Team

Our dedicated and knowledgeable museum staff is committed to providing exceptional service and creating an enriching experience for all visitors.

With their passion for art, history, and culture, they are eager to share their expertise and engage in meaningful conversations about the exhibits and collections.

From guiding tours to organizing educational programs, our team is here to ensure that every visitor leaves with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the museum’s treasures.

Drew Oberjuerge

Executive Director

María Esther Fernández

Artistic Director of The Cheech Center for Chicano Art & Culture

Jerry Soto


Caryn Marsella

Director of Art Education & Community Engagement

Valerie Found

Director of Community and Resource Development

Jen Kanter

Director of Communications and Marketing

Alanna D. Correa

Director of People and Place

Carissa Garcia

Director of Interpretation

Annie Guadarrama

Guest Services Manager

Lisa Henry


Laura A. Lomas

Finance Manager

Raven Johnson

Art Education Program Manager

Alexa Vazquez

Museum Tour/Walk and Wonder Coordinator

Bertha Toner

Docent/Walk and Wonder

Bethany Molyneaux

Art Education Coordinator

Mynor Cardona

Art Education Associate

Amy Reyes

Art-to-Go Instructor

Ignacio Salinas

Art-to-Go Instructor

Kathryn Villareal

Art-to-Go Instructor

Virginia Godoy

Art-to-Go Instructor

Sophia Esparza

Executive Assistant to the Director

Eric Martinez


Mariah Green

Curatorial Assistant

Jacob Willson


Annery Sanchez

Communications & Marketing Associate

Dámaris Leal

Art-to-Go Instructor

Adriana Salazar

Art-to-Go Instructor

Ariel Randolph

Art-to-Go Instructor

Andrea Fry

Art-to-Go Instructor

Kameryn Pfeiffer

Art-to-Go Instructor

Dammian Saldana

Art-to-Go Instructor

Amber Speer

Art-to-Go Instructor

Michelle Abundiz

Art-to-Go Instructor

Kisbel De La Rosa

Event Rental Manager

Riah Landin

Event Services Staff

Jake Miller

Event Services Staff

Erika Garcia

Event Services Staff

Isabelle Lopez

Finance Assistant

Martha Perez

Accounting Associate

Beth Kollmyer

Fund Development Associate

Ezekiel Valdez

Guest Services Lead

Nathalie Escobedo

Guest Services

Stephanie Pozuelos

Guest Services

Ariel Gonzales

Guest Services

Lauren Francisco

Guest Services

Ivan Vazquez

Guest Services

Benjamin Barragan

Guest Services

Indira Perez

Guest Services

Maryana Carreon

Cheech Programing Associate