@ the Riverside Art Museum

November 30, 2022

Willis Salomon is an Inland Empire-based installation and mixed media artist. His background is in art direction, visual display, and commercial photography. Creating through the use of various mediums allows him to have a sense of flow that isn’t “obstructed” by the form.

This installation represents the space an artist creates within themselves when they are in the state of inspiration and creativity; opening up all the artistic data, memories, and feelings they’ve collected and pouring it out into their personal space. Some elements are quick to be identified by most and other elements are very uniquely connected through personal experience. This installation is a miniature immersive vignette that invites the viewer to sit within this visual representation of the depths of creative channeling. Whether it is grasping for ideas or being present in that mind state, we all sit in these internal rooms at one point or another.