@ the Riverside Art Museum

Exhibition: February 18–April 12, 2020

The Museum Project 2012–2015, exhibited at the DNJ Gallery in Santa Monica and guest curated by Robert von Sternberg, celebrated the works of photographers that were ultimately donated across eighty-one institutions. 

The project was born with Sternberg’s idea to give back to the museums and universities that had supported him and others throughout their artistic and professional careers. To demonstrate their gratitude, Sternberg along with eighteen artists, known for their use of the photographic medium, donated works to both national and international permanent collections. These donations consisted of more than 1,220 photographic works, valued at about two million dollars. 

Suda House, Barry Andersen, and Kenda North were among the participating artists involved with the project. The Riverside Art Museum was honored to receive some of their photographic work.