@ the Riverside Art Museum

Exhibition Dates: November 3, 2023 – March 10, 2024

This landmark exhibition, filling three galleries of the Riverside Art Museum, presents a range of works from Charles Bibbs’™ personal art collection as well as the artist’s own original paintings and drawings. Through Sacred Spaces, Bibbs shares his life-long love of contemporary art and the creative values that guide his own work.

Several of Bibbs’ iconic works celebrating the black community are presented throughout the Members’ Gallery and the Bobbie Powell and Devean Galleries.  Highlights include the totemic work, The Keeper, the wistful Bagman paintings, and a majestic series honoring Black women.

Among the pieces from Bibbs’ personal collection are classic humanist works by Samella Lewis and John Biggers, vibrant compositions by Synthia Saint James, and works of gentle spirituality by Frank Howell. All these artists have been part of Bibbs’ development as an artist, advocate, and self-validating entrepreneur, and have helped shape Bibbs’ unique vision and perspective.

Through Sacred Spaces, Bibbs’ seeks to not only share this artistic journey but send a message about the power of art in everyday life. He believes in a vital connection between the art that people see in public spaces and the lives they live in the spaces they inhabit every day. Sacred Spaces brings together these concepts in the hope that visitors will experience a connection with art that they take back into the sacred spaces of their own homes.

This deep acknowledgement of the link between one’s own experience and a piece of art, and how that can be reflected and expanded on in one’s own home, is a living pathway that Bibbs aims to spotlight in this carefully curated installation of his works.

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Pictured: Charles Bibbs™. The Keeper. Courtesy of the artist.