@ the Riverside Art Museum

in Conjunction with Wild Blue Yonder

In conjunction with RAM’s spring 2014 exhibition, Wild Blue Yonder, a small number of specialized internship projects have been generated through our RAMSCC program. This program allowed a small group of students interested in or pursuing careers in the arts a firsthand experience working with cutting edge contemporary artists and curators in a museum setting. This third iteration of the program provided a group of six UC Riverside higher education Public History students a firsthand experience working as curators in dialogue with the Wild Blue Yonder exhibition. The students have worked alongside RAM staff to plan, execute, and write about their related exhibition programming component, which collectively occupy special featured areas of the museum reserved for this project. This exhibit will run May 1 – July 22, 2014, in the RAM Alcove Hall, Atrium Exhibition Wall, and Upstairs Mezzanine Hallway.

Students were given various options to program the RAMSCC exhibition spaces in response and relation to the topics addressed in the Wild Blue Yonder exhibition and were encouraged to develop their own unique proposals. The six students’ projects range from: re-contextualized historical photographs and ephemera to a digital project exploring questions about veterans and public space.

The six UCR higher education Public History students participating in this year’s RAMSCC program are: Steven Anderson, Robert Przeklasa, Nicolette Rohr, Carolyn Schutten, Megan Suster, and Susan Wood.

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