@ the Riverside Art Museum

“In most human endeavors, experience is a highly valued attribute. Not too many people ask for the ‘new guy’ to perform a car repair and the demand for newly minted neurosurgeons surely does not outstrip supply. In the performing and written arts, the wunderkind who is worthy of an Oscar, Emmy, or Pulitzer is celebrated but recognized as a rarity. In the visual arts, however, this construct is turned on its head. Gallerists are routinely asked the age of the artists whose work they are promoting; in addition, print media abounds with articles lamenting the difficulty female artists face in getting their work shown.

“So, in a region where 20-somethings are botoxed and 30-somethings routinely get ‘a little work done,’ whose dominant industry is peddling our youth-obsessed, airbrushed culture to the rest of the world, what is a woman of a certain age to do? ‘Old Broads’ is a collective of 30 female/female-identifying visual artists over the age of 50, working in the greater Los Angeles area. The show seeks to showcase and celebrate artists who bring a lifetime of experience and experiences to their work. Our aim is to promote each other, poke fun at prevalent stereotypes, and have a damned good time doing it.”—the Old Broads

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Reception: Sunday, December 5, 2021, 2 p.m.–4 p.m.

Please join the artists to celebrate the Old Broads @ RAM exhibition!

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