@ the Riverside Art Museum

July 7 – September 30, 2011

Riverside-native Angela Beloian has held numerous group and solo exhibitions across the United States and was featured in RAM’s 2007 exhibition Painting’s Edge. Beloian has been awarded artist residencies, has given artist’s talks in Colorado and Texas, and comes from a background in teaching and freelance writing and illustration. She is also currently exhibiting at Walker Fine Art in Denver, Colorado.

Artist’s Statement:

The most interesting relationships involve conflict. A lack of conflict can signal avoidance of challenge or growth, whereas too much can threaten the survival of a relationship. This series of paintings and works on paper is a search for balance between harmony and conflict in relationships.

The works on paper are spontaneous collages mined from old Art in America magazines. In cutting up artwork published in the magazine and incorporating the found images into my compositions, I am exploring my relationship to artists that have received recognition in the art world while examining my own anxieties around perceived success. The variety of media used in creating the collage suggests a multiplicity of voices that ultimately merge to become a complex personality.

Within each of these collages lie a number of possibilities. Small details of the compositions become larger paintings and I am able to use these details to focus and quiet my mind. Hanging panels side by side, I create misalignment and thus generate conflict and dialogue between the two.