@ Riverside Art Museum

RAM proudly continues its trend of highlighting its locally-based artist-members who have received awards in previous Members’ Exhibitions with an artist feature on painter r. mike nichols. Holding one of five awards from the 2010 Members’ Mini Exhibition, Riverside-based artist r. mike nichols works principally in watercolor, drawing his subject matter and inspiration from many far-ranging sources. RAM presents five recent watercolor pieces from nichols.

nichols received his BA in Illustration and Masters in Art from California State University, Long Beach, and worked for many years as a freelance illustrator. Relocating to Riverside from San Francisco in 2002, he is now a member of such prestigious watercolor associations as: Watercolor West, National Watercolor Society, and American Watercolor Society.

nichols’ vibrant, photorealistic style is equal parts representational portraiture and design elements conveying the surreal and dreamlike. His predominant choices of subject matter are portraits, landscapes, animals, and urban scenes, and he relates stylistically to such renowned artists as Alex Katz, Eric Fischl, and David Hockney. nichols has won numerous awards and recognitions, and had a piece acquired into RAM’s Permanent Collection in 2008.