Validation and Value, the Conversation Continues

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One main aspect of a self-validating artist is the satisfaction of achieving a level of independence as it relates to being economically self supporting. We will discuss some of the requirements in becoming a successful artist outside of the institutional validation system. Currently, there are thousands of visual artists making well over $100k/year under the radar of the system. Many of these artists have achieved this with minimum to no structured education or mentoring. This panel will be geared to cover these realities.

Artist, panelist, and co-curator of Visual VoiceCharles Bibbs

Join us for Validation and Value, the Conversation Continues at 6:30 p.m., a discussion of how validation—self, academic, social, or systematic—translates to an artist’s value. Panelists will discuss how that value can be maintained and developed through placement, collecting, and archiving, as well as some of the other means available.

Panelists currently include: Diane Shannon Young, Kenneth Gatewood, Larry Poncho Brown, Inge Pelzer, Nedra Myricks, Kathleen Atkins Wilson, Theresa Shellcrof, Cosme Cordova, and Alicia Lee.