Play the Museum Winter 2017


There’s more to do than just look at art at RAM. Come Play the Museum!

Engage in our activity centers throughout the museum. Check out games and other fun items (coming in Summer!) from the Visitor Services desk. Interact with the engagement activities and with fellow visitors! 

So what are you waiting for? Get inspired, talk to new people, and Play the Museum.

Thought Experiments: February 2 – March 26

Though experiments are often used by scientists, philosophers, and, most famously, by theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, to pose questions to work out complex ideas that would solve issues in the real world.

Einstein asked, “What would it be like to travel on a beam of light?” This question led him to his Theory of Relativity. In an interactive station in the museum, you can reflect on relevant world issues to pose your own question, e.g., “What if Twitter held all the secrets of the universe in some kind of code?” 

What question would you pose and pin to our Thought Experiments activity center?

The Future Will Be…: February 2 – March 26

In the article “What is the Future of Art?”, Serpentine Galleries co-director Hans Ulrich Obrist was asked by Artsy, an online arts resource, to make a prediction based on his experience working with artists. The article explains Obrist’s approach to take the question one step further by asking the artists directly. He reformulated the question and asked the artists to answer, “The future will be…?”

The artists’ replies went beyond art and the art world. Their responses seemed to be a reflection of the world around them. The article struck a chord and inspired a chalkboard response and reflection.

During your visit, you can read a copy of the article and share your answer to Obrist’s question. The chalkboard is wiped clean at the end of each day to allow for new responses.

Sound Advice: February 2 – April 30

We seek advice from our family, friends, and loved ones to gain guidance concerning future decisions or actions. Even if you don’t take the advice, the act of listening and considering can be comforting and what is needed. 

Come take a seat in our listening station to hear a track list of 10 speakers giving advice about love, work, death, and more. Then feel free to take some advice from the community and leave some of your own as well.