The Riverside Art Museum (RAM) is proud to have answered Verizon’s A Call for Kindness campaign by having local artist and RAM artist-in-residence Juan Navarro design and paint a mural that creatively communicates what kindness means to them at Habanero Mexican Grill, located at 2472 University Avenue in Riverside, CA. This mural was generously made possible thanks to a $5,000 grant from Verizon. One of over ten all over the country, each mural has a QR code that links to a greeting from a local V Teamer to teach passersby about A Call for Kindness.

When Verizon introduced A Call For Kindness in November, they encouraged people to not only be kind, but to choose to do something kind for others. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Take the kindness pledge at, where you’ll find a number of options for kind acts. Click Count Me In and share your act of kindness using the hashtag #ACallForKindness. Tag three friends to spread the word.
  • Download and share Kind Cards that feature an act of kindness you can do today to make a difference. New Kind Cards are added each month so you’ll always have fresh cards to share.
  • Visit a Kindness mural in your neighborhood, scan the QR code, and post a selfie with it on social media using the #ACallForKindness hashtag with the kind act you plan on performing.
  • Tell your employer to join the movement. We’re looking for more partners to help make the world a kinder place.

“We want to do more than simply say kindness is important,” says Krista Bourne, Senior Vice President and President of Consumer Sales and Operations at Verizon. “We want to show that every kind act matters and help showcase the tangible impact our kind acts can have. That’s why we’ve built a multifaceted approach to this campaign that leverages research, inspires people through art, educates people through kindness experts, and provides opportunities for people to quickly and easily choose kindness, no matter who they are or where they live.”

“’Se amable contigo hoy’ means be ‘kind to yourself today,’” says Navarro. “If we are able to be kind to ourselves first, then we will be able to pour that kindness into others. It is an amazing opportunity to partner with Verizon and the Riverside Art Museum to place this meaningful reminder in the heart of the Eastside, Riverside community. The artwork honors both the Spanish speaker and the Latino/Chicano culture of our neighborhood.” 

During the October 19, 2021, City Council meeting, Councilmember Clarissa Cervantes presented the short video above about the Verizon mural during her Ward 2 update, as well presented on other RAM-related Eastside projects made possible by other generous sponsors.

“We are thrilled to have this mural in the heart of Eastside, Riverside!” says Councilmember Cervantes. “As residents pass by, they will be reminded to give themselves more compassion. I hope and believe they will then share this kindness with their neighbors. Thank you, Juan Navarro, RAM, and Verizon for making this possible.”

“On behalf of the Riverside Art Museum we are so grateful to Verizon for the opportunity to be part of their A Call for Kindness program and for underwriting the costs of the mural”, says Drew Oberjuerge, Executive Director of the Riverside Art Museum. “We thank Ernesto Carbajal of Habanero Mexican Grill for graciously allowing Juan to paint the mural at his restaurant. And we thank the residents of the Eastside for continuing to inspire Juan and for being ongoing collaborative partners.”

About the Verizon campaign:

The past year has changed how we live, work, learn, and connect. Kindness is needed now more than ever. That’s why we’ve issued A Call for Kindness—and we want you to join us. Launched in fall 2020, the campaign sought to encourage everyone to be kinder and to treat each other with care and respect amidst extremely challenging times. Now, we’re calling on brands, consumers, and employees to join the movement and dial up even more kindness in our communities. Are you in?  


Take a ride through Eastside Riverside to see the Verizon mural, as well as others completed by our artist-in-residence, Juan Navarro! Click here to download a pdf of the mural tour.