@ the Riverside Art Museum

October 15, 2010 – Spring 2011

Riverside, CA- Riverside Art Museum (RAM) announces the newest work by Paulden Evans to be exhibited at the Sculpture Pad, located in front of the museum. Paulden, who goes by his first name professionally, emphasizes form, surface, and space in a unique blend of sculpture and painting that stands as a testament to the distinctive properties that comprise his work. Paulden’s new work featured at the Riverside Art Museum, ODTAM BODUM’s, are iron sculptures that reflect the playful, yet labor-intensive spirit that permeates the artist’s work. Paulden’s art is durable and can be viewed and situated both indoors and outdoors.  With design processes taking place from sketches on paper, cutting the metal shapes to fit, welding, sanding, painting, and finishing, Paulden’s painted sculptures radiate the intensive process of their creation.

Paulden is a local, Riverside-based sculptural artist who has been painting professionally for the past ten years. He is also a recognized interior designer and general contractor, who has built numerous homes and projects in California. Paulden’s work utilizes free-standing metal sculptures instead of canvas and is comprised of many layers of oil enamel pigment. Paulden’s emotive juxtaposition of different textures challenges the viewer to connect with and reassess their conceptions about materiality, space and color.  Paulden’s work will be on view in front of the museum from October 15 until December 25.