Inland Talks

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Take a seat and maybe bring a notebook; it doesn’t hurt to be prepared while learning from four of the artists featured in Inland Ink as they talk about being working artists, their habits, the quest for art opportunities, and forming partnerships to pursue their creative endeavors. 

Denise Kraemer & C. Matthew Luther: Saturday, October 19, 1 p.m.–2 p.m.

Denise Kraemer

Denise Kraemer of Riverside is a native of the Inland Empire. She served as the Education Curator at the Riverside Art Museum for three years where she organized the adult education programs, monthly lecture series, and member critiques. Kraemer curated the printmaking exhibition Pressed at the Riverside Art Museum and worked with the museum’s “Monothon” workshop and exhibition for four years. Kraemer received her BA in Art from California Baptist University and her MA in Art at California State University, San Bernardino. She is a professor at Riverside Community College and California State University, San Bernardino.

C. Matthew Luther

C. Matthew Luther employs multimedia processes in his studio work from printmaking to video. His work often explores the human relationship to nature and the connection of visual imagery to memory, the subconscious, and its effect.

Born in Virginia, Luther studied printmaking and photography at Southern Oregon University where he received a BFA. Luther received his MFA in Painting/Video from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

After living in Wuhan, China, as Visiting Professor of Art and Design at Hubei University of Technology, Luther moved to California with his wife, Robin, where they keep a home and studio.

His artwork has recently been exhibited at San Diego Mesa College, LAESXLA, and San Pedro Soundpedro, along with international exhibitions in China, Italy, and South Korea. Luther has been a visiting Artist-in-Residence in Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Luther is a presenter at the 2019 New Media Caucus Symposium at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and currently teaches at Moreno Valley College.

Tim Musso & Pavel Acevedo: Saturday, November 23, 1 p.m.–2 p.m. 

Tim Musso 

Musso grew up in the wild foothills of the Motherlode, just 20 miles from where gold was first discovered in California in 1848. Musso’s childhood was filled with exploring the forests, rivers, and mountains of the Northern Sierra Nevada. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Master of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and Printmaking respectively at California State University, Long Beach. 

While Musso enjoys living in the urban environment of Southern California, he finds it important to run to the hills for extended periods of time. In the wilderness, he hikes (~4,000 miles to date), sketches, photographs, and creates rubbings of natural objects. This extensive documentation of the natural world then becomes the reference material for his intricately detailed prints and drawings. 

Musso exhibits his work internationally with works in both museums and private collections.

Pável Acevedo, Oaxaca, Mx (1984)

My formal art studies began at the Rufino Tamayo Plastic Arts Workshop in Oaxaca City while I was an assistant and student of the Lithography studio. In 2006, I enrolled to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in visual arts at La Escuela de Bellas Artes/Fine Arts School of Oaxaca where I studied under the guidance of prolific artists Shinzaburo Takeda and Raul Herrera. During this time, I completed my education by taking workshops with artists such as Isis Rodriguez, Marietta Bernstorff, Inma Coll, and Elvia Esparza. I was also an assistant in the print studios of artist Demian Flores (Taller Grafica Actual) and Alejandro Santiago (Taller la Huella).

In 2010, I moved to Riverside, California, and started getting involved in printmaking projects with a social justice and educational awareness component in communities of color throughout California. In 2015, I opened my printmaking studio by collaborating with “The Desert Triangle Print Carpeta” located provisionally in Riverside. In the last few years, I was commissioned by the Wignall Contemporary Art Museum for a permanent mural, as well as by La Sierra University for a mural for their Art Department, and the City of Riverside for a mural located in Downtown.

I’ve being traveling, giving printmaking workshops around the U.S. in Albuquerque with New Grounds/Remarque Print Shop, as printmaker-in-residence with Horned Toad Printshop guided by Manuel Guerra and KALA Art Institute in Berkeley, California, and, recently, I was included to be a  professional artist by Speedball.

My artwork has been exhibited in different group shows between Mexico and the U.S. in public and private institutions, as well as individually at: Rufino Tamayo Worskhop (Mx); Casa de la Ciudad Oaxaca (Mx); Museo de Los Pintores Oaxaquenos (Mx); Arte Cocodrilo (Mx); Plan B (Mx); Riverside Art Museum (U.S.); Mission Cultural Center (San Francisco, CA); Museum of Art El Paso (U.S.); The Mexic-Arte Museum (U.S.); Comalito Collective (U.S.); and College of the Canyons (U.S.).