100 Things to do in Riverside Before You Die Book Launch with Larry Burns

“The 52 Project brought together the arts, personal enrichment and community togetherness in a way that I respect and desire,” he says. “Once I saw how those could and should be connected, it fundamentally changed me. I could not help but see how all the communities that make up Riverside were interconnected and interdependent.”

The book that resulted is “100 Things to Do in Riverside Before You Die,” published by Reedy Press. It features restaurants, entertainment, events and out-of-the-way experiences.

“I wanted this to be more than just ‘Larry’s List,” he says. “I wanted it to be a community book; Riverside’s book.”

— Larry Burns, “How Riverside man came to write ‘100 Things to Do in Riverside Before You Die'”

Please join us for the book launch of 100 Things to Do in Riverside Before You Die, written by Larry Burns, whose participation in our 52 Project last year inspired him to push forward with his artistic dreams.

There will be a short reading by Larry Burns, as well as a book signing with sales on site. Light snacks and drinks will be provided. Free event.