@ the Riverside Art Museum

Exhibition: May 25–June 15, 2019

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 25, 2019, noon–2 p.m.

The 2019 UCR Masters of Fine Arts exhibition features work by 1st and 2nd year graduate students:

  • John Burreatoh: John Burreatoh is an artist.
  • Olivia Hill: Olivia Hill was born in 1985 in Hinsdale, Illinois, but grew up in Los Angeles, California. She attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and obtained her BFA from The San Francisco Art Institute. Hill’s work has been featured in institutions that include the Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, California; Kunstwerk Carlshutte in Rendsburg, Germany; The Ogden Museum of Southern Art in Louisiana; The Baton Rouge State Museum; and The Millard Sheets Art Center in Pomona. Hill spent time doing costume work for film and television while continuing her painting practice and is now pursuing her master’s degree in Studio Art at UC Riverside. She lives in Yucca Valley and Los Angeles. 
  • Natalie Jenkins: Natalie Jenkins is a visual artist, currently working towards her MFA at the UC Riverside. In her work, she explores systems within the world, both physical (buildings and roads) and psychological (morals, ethics, and hierarchies) to create humorous sculptures with an absurd lens on human existence. Working primarily in sculpture, she pairs contrasting materials together like steel and papier-mâché to create a dichotomy of being more than one “thing” or needing more than one “thing” to be whole.
  • Cara Rae Joven: Cara Rae Joven is a second-year MFA candidate in Visual Art. Joven’s practice currently investigates movement through sculpture, performance, and video. She is interested in the way movement can be a means to expand the way we think about objects and space. Joven was born in Manila, Philippines, and grew up in Southern California. 
  • Bingyang Liu: Bingyang Liu is a Los Angeles-based artist from China. He received his BFA in Photo and Media at CalArts in 2017 and he is currently pursuing an MFA in Visual Art at UC Riverside. Concept is often foundational in his art work and it transforms from photography into different types of media. Media, relationships, and predicaments are three major topics that he reflects upon and explores in the contemporary context through his works. 
  • Olivia Leiter: Olivia Leiter is an artist and educator living in Los Angeles, CA. She received her BA in Politics from Brandeis University and is a first-year MFA student at UC Riverside. Her work deals with the space of infrastructure, or the space between, and issues related to invisibility and containment. Recently, she has been making videos about sites in the Inland Empire and sculptures comprising aluminum, screens, and other industrial materials.
  • Joshua Schaedel: Joshua Schaedel graduated from Art Center College of Design in 2014 with a BFA in Photography. He co-founded The Fulcrum Press in 2014. Josh has shown at the Aperture Gallery in New York and his most recent solo show, Conversations with My Father, was held at USC’s 1301P Gallery.

Exhibit-Related Programming

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 25, 2019, noon–2 p.m.

Please join us for the opening reception with the artists.