Tell Your Story

Every family has a great story. Join local authors and artists, Larry Burns, James Luna, Deana Romo, and Teodor Dumitrescu, for a series of four workshops to write and illustrate your family tales – tall or true.

To fully complete your “story”, you’ll want to come back at least four times, once for each section: Finding Your Story, Telling Your Story, Drawing Your Story, and Coloring Your Story. Each section is offered on two dates.

We are offering all four sections in both English and Spanish. 


Finding Your Story: June 3 or 11

Telling Your Story: June 17 or 25

Drawing Your Story: July 1 or 9

Coloring Your Story: July 15 or 23


Finding Your Story: June 4 or 10

Telling Your Story: June 18 or 24

Drawing Your Story: July 2 or 8

Coloring Your Story: July 16 or 22

Please join us on Saturday, July 29, at 1 p.m. Award-winning storyteller and variety artist Karen Rae Kraut joins forces with guitar and keyboard virtuoso Jay DeAngelo in The Giant (who had no heart in his body!). Watch out for the giant whose heart has been separated from his body! A pair of unlikely heroes, the Ash Boy and the Cowgirl Princess, risk everything to defeat the giant with help from a talking wolf, a king salmon, and a blackbird in this musical recreation of a Norwegian folklore classic. Songs, movement, and a live musical soundtrack will keep listeners of all ages part of the action from start to finish! Opportunities will also be available for those who completed their own Tell Your Story to read them aloud during this fun and interactive afternoon.