How Can Riverside Build a Bigger Arts Scene?

A Zocalo Public Square/James Irvine Foundation Event

Riverside is home to pathbreaking museums, grand theaters, and a varied cultural mix fueled by local colleges and universities. Noting these riches, Forbes ranked Riverside the eighth coolest city in the United States. Riverside has even adopted a new moniker, “The City of Arts & Innovation.”

But getting crowds out to arts events can still be a challenge in a sprawling, diverse city that’s better known as the former capital of the citrus industry than a California arts destination. What can Riverside, local cultural venues, and artists do to create a thriving and inclusive arts scene? 

Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival director Bill Fold, UC Riverside historian Catherine Gudis, and Downtown Riverside Artswalk co-founder Cosme Cordova visit Zócalo to discuss how a city like Riverside brings the arts to the people–and how it might bring more people to the arts.

Moderated by Ken Vincent, News Director, KVCR 91.9