Doors Open Riverside offers tours of historic buildings

By Scott K. Watson, Assistant Planner – City of Riverside Historic Preservation Division

An international movement is coming to Riverside. The City of Riverside in partnership with the Old Riverside Foundation, the Riverside Arts Council, the Riverside Downtown Partnership, and the Mission Inn Museum and Foundation are hosting the city’s first Doors Open event. Doors Open Days began over 30 years ago in France and has since spread across Europe, North America, and Australia. These events provide free access to captivating historic sites that are often closed to the public. By opening the doors to these architectural gems, event organizers hope to increase awareness of historic architecture and the community’s collective heritage.

On Thursday, May 12, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., 15 buildings in downtown Riverside are opening their doors. Guests will be taken on a riveting tour of each exquisite building and will learn about each building’s intriguing history.

Be sure to stop by one of the six information stations located at:

  • the Main Library, 
  • Main and Mission Inn, 
  • Lemon and Mission Inn, 
  • Lemon and University, 
  • Orange and University, and 
  • Mission Inn and Vine.

A number of downtown restaurants located in historic buildings will be offering specials before, during, and after the tours.

Buildings that will be opening their doors include:

  • Fox Theater, 
  • Metropolitan Museum, 
  • Municipal Auditorium, 
  • First Church of Christ Scientist, 
  • First Congregational Church, 
  • Universalist Unitarian Church, 
  • Riverside Art Museum (former YWCA), 
  • Life Arts Building (former YWCA), 
  • RCC Center for Social Justice and Civil Liberties (former Citrus Trust),
  • Culver Center for the Arts (former Rouse Department Store),
  • California Museum of Photography (former Kress Department Store),
  • Arcade Building occupied by Krieger & Stewart, 
  • Loft.84 in the Aurea Vista Building, 
  • Bonnett Building, and
  • Old City Hall occupied by Tilden-Coil Constructors.

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