Shop in the museum’s store and know that the profits go to the art museum and to the local artist who made the item you purchased.


Book a special event where 100% of the profits go to RAM.


Participate in Provident Bank’s Community Partnership Program by naming the Riverside Art Museum as your charity of choice.

By opening and linking your account(s) at Provident Bank to RAM, the Bank will take the aggregate total of all members’ deposits to calculate an annual donation. The annual donation has the potential to increase each year as more members participate. The higher the balance in your Provident Bank account, the greater the donation amount RAM will receive. We would like to remind you that your account information will be confidential and the donation will come from Provident Bank, NOT from your account.

Ready to help RAM earn a donation? Open and link your new and/or existing accounts at Provident Bank by simply contacting Shari Cremers, Branch Vice President, at 951.682.3272. Changing banks is easier than you think. Provident Bank’s team of dedicated employees will assist you with all your banking needs. Their years of banking experience will make the transition as smooth as possible for you.