Play the Museum


Free for museum members. Included with paid general admission.


There's more to do than just look at art at RAM. Come Play the Museum!

Engage in our activity centers throughout the museum. Check out games and other fun items from the Visitor Services desk. Interact with the engagement activities and with fellow visitors! 

So what are you waiting for? Get inspired, talk to new people, and Play the Museum.

Illustrating with Julia Morgan

Learn about Julia Morgan and her beautiful buildings to inspire your own chalk illustrations of architecture in a town or city that she would have loved to explore and live in.

Dinner Party

Grab a fork and pen and have a thought-provoking dinner conversation about artists Kathe Kollwitz and Kara Walker. Topics and artwork will be on hand to stimulate the mind.

Built Landscapes

Delve into the art history of landscapes from paintings to photography by creating your own built landscape using mixed media.

Origami Beasts

Build origami beasts and give them a new look by altering their appearance.

ARTventure Packs

Every ARTventurer needs a pack with all the necessary items one might need to Play the Museum. Check out our ARTventure Packs from the Visitor Services desk to guide you on your ARTventure through the museum!

Learning Guides

These handouts provide a brief background on the historical origins of the artwork and contribute cultural context for deeper insight into the exhibitions. Use the guides for a self-guided tour, to share with a friend, or to talk about art with children.