Play the Museum Spring/Summer 2017

Play-the-Museum-web.jpgMay 4 - August 20, 2017 | Free with paid admission or membership


There's more to do than just look at art at RAM. Come Play the Museum!

Engage in our activity centers throughout the museum. Check out games and other fun items from the Visitor Services desk. Interact with the engagement activities and with fellow visitors! 

So what are you waiting for? Get inspired, talk to new people, and Play the Museum.

50 Songs for 50 Years

In celebration of 50 Years of Art & Architecture, listen to a playlist of 50 songs, one for each year, chosen from the Billboard Top 100.

Art à la Carte

This public curatorial project picks up where the Curator's Corner left off. The Corner asked: "What do you collect?"; "What should we collect?"; and "What do you want to see?" We compiled your responses and selected artwork from our permanent collection for you to choose from as you help curate a mini-exhibit to be shown later this year online.

Architecture for Everyone

Inspired by the complexity of patterns and symbols in Islamic art in architecture, each week you'll get to add a new color to a lined drawing using the girih style. See the finished work in August!

ARTventure Packs

Every ARTventurer needs a pack with all the necessary items one might need to Play the Museum. Check out our new ARTventure Packs from the Visitor Services desk to guide you on your ARTventure through the museum!

Elevator Talk

Hello! Waiting in the elevator with strangers can be awkward. How about making a friend in-between floors instead? This summer, our elevator is the space to meet new friends and your neighbors. Come see what we're talking about!

Taking Action on Thought Experiments

Throughout the Winter season, visitors posed their own thought experiment questions in our activity space. The questions recognized complex issues in our community, government, planet, etc. From reading the questions, we realized that small actions could be taken by individuals to "answer" these thought experiments. Four thought experiment questions were chosen from the hundreds posted and each month one of them will be displayed with ways you can take action. Visit the museum to see if your question was selected and see how YOU can make an impact in our community.

Wrapped in RAM

Let's make some string art together! Inspired by our 50-year history in this building and our love for Riverside, we want to see the visual layers of our communities that come together at RAM. You decide the length of your string and where it'll take you as you wrap it around "50 Years" on our atrium wall.