Afterschool Classes

Ages 6 - 12 | 4 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

5-class session: $75 (RAM Family Members and above $67.50)


In order to start with Intermediate Watercolor (w/o Beginning Watercolor) or Advanced Watercolor (w/o Beginning & Intermediate Watercolor), you must email photos of sample paintings done by the student to Art Education Director Caryn Marsella at for approval.


Beginning Watercolor

Get to know the fundamentals of watercolor from mixing colors to painting with wet and dry brushes. No other medium can match the brilliance of transparent watercolor. Join and get lost in the colors.

Tuesdays, September 11 – October 9


Intermediate Watercolor

This class will teach intermediate watercolor skills, including calligraphy, salt technique, sgraffito, and many more! You must have completed beginning Watercolor to join this class.

Tuesdays, October 16 – November 13


Advanced Watercolor

Use your skills from the first two classes in the series to create final artworks, including landscape, abstract, still life, and portrait. Must have completed Beginning and Intermediate Watercolor.

Tuesdays, November 27 – December 18

4-class session: $60 (RAM Family Members and above $54)

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Fabric Art Creations

A variety of fabrics will be used to create unique works of art. A new project each week!

Wednesdays, September 12 – October 10



Explore the most interesting element of art, texture! We will create our own textured artworks with a variety of adventurous materials and mixed media.

Wednesdays, October 17 – November 14


Art and Imagination

When we make art, anything is possible. Pigs can fly, houses can float. If you dream it, you can draw, paint, or make it; the sky is the limit! Join us as we stretch our creative muscles and our imaginations with new art materials and techniques each week.

Wednesdays, November 28 – December 19

4-class session: $60 (RAM Family Members and above $54)

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Cars for Beginners 

Learn the basics of how to draw and color a car in this beginner’s class. We will focus on the details of a vehicle and how to draw correct proportions and perspective.

Thursdays, September 13 – October 11


Transforming Famous Artworks

Ever wondered what 2-D paintings might look like in 3-D? Students will be able to turn well-known paintings into sculptures using clay, papier-mâché, and found-object techniques. Come and have fun transforming a flat piece of art into an interactive piece.

Thursdays, October 18 – November 15


Young Illustrator

Experience popular stories by illustrative authors and then develop your own creative illustrations in watercolor, tempera, pastel, and colored pencils.

Thursdays, November 29 – December 20

4-class session: $60 (RAM Family Members and above $54)

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