Afterschool Classes

Ages 6–12 | 4 p.m.–5:30 p.m.

5-class session: $75 (RAM Family Members and above $67.50)


In order to start with Intermediate Mixed Media (w/o Beginning Mixed Media) or Advanced Mixed Media (w/o Beginning & Intermediate Mixed Media), you must email photos of sample artwork done by the student to Art Education Director Caryn Marsella at cmarsella@riversideartmuseum.orgfor approval.

Beginning Mixed Media

Learn how to mix mediums to create art! Make mixed-media journals and explore working with charcoal, watercolor, pen, ink, acrylic, and more. 

Tuesdays, January 15–February 12


Intermediate Mixed Media

Learn new techniques and create projects designed to develop your mixed-media skills. You must have completed Beginning Mixed Media to join this class.

Tuesdays, February 19–March 19


Advanced Mixed Media

Focus on advancing your mixed-media skills. From 2-D to 3-D, students will create detailed artwork using various mediums. You must have completed Beginning and Intermediate Mixed Media to join this class.

Tuesdays, April 2–April 23 | 4-class session: $60 (RAM Family Members and above $54)

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It’s Almost Summer Art!, Ages 6–12

We’re so ready for summer to get here! Draw your own dream vacation and create a painting of a beach. We’ll work with all types of mediums over the four weeks to get you ready for summer.

Tuesdays, April 30–May 21 | 4-class session: $60 (RAM Family Members and above $54)

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English/Spanish Artistic Fun

Esta clase es muy buena! This class is for students who know a little Spanish and are interested in picking up some more, as well as some new artistic skills. Students will hear the instructions in English and then in Spanish. Study artists from around the country using different mediums.

Wednesdays, January 16–February 13



The Beast exhibit explores the symbolism we give to animals both real and imagined.  Even today, we equate strength with lions and sly trickery with foxes. Join us in this fun-filled class as we tour the exhibit and then draw and create masterpieces based off of what we see.

Wednesdays, February 20–March 20


Beginners’ Printmaking

Learn about the different techniques of printmaking in this beginners’ class. From carving into linoleum to spreading ink and applying found materials to prints, students will get to interact with the printing press and see how prints are made. 

Wednesdays, April 3–April 24 | 4-class session: $60 (RAM Family Members and above $54)

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Jewelry MakingAges 8+

Create several beautiful jewelry pieces designed by you! Learn the latest jewelry trends, tricks, and techniques for using the right tools, beads, and bindings that will bring your creation to life.

Wednesdays, May 1–22 | 4-class session: $60 (RAM Family Members and above $54)

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Learn the basics of how to draw and color a car in this beginners’ class. We will focus on the details of a vehicle and how to draw correct proportions and perspective. Students will have a chance to draw and submit a car to the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest. Draw your dream. Drive the future!

Thursdays, January 17–February 14


Junk Art Class

The only limit is your imagination. Students will create art using anything and everything from our collection of found objects. 

Thursdays, February 21–March 21


Fantasy/Science Fiction Art

Explore the realms of fantasy and science fiction. We will visit mythical creatures and futuristic landscapes together to create art.

Thursdays, April 4–April 25 | 4-class session: $60 (RAM Family Members and above $54)

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All About Color!, Ages 6+

Explore different ways of using color with watercolor and oil pastels. This class will watch the colors change with the seasons.

Thursdays, May 2–23 | 4-class session: $60 (RAM Family Members and above $54)

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