Afterschool Classes

Ages 6 – 12 | 4 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

5-class session: $75 (RAM Family Members and above $67.50)


Collaborative Mural (Ages 5+)

Have you ever painted a mural? In this class we will be painting big! Really BIG!! For this collaborative mural, the students will work together to create a design and then begin painting on our 4-foot by 8-foot canvas. This mural will be displayed in our Old’s Classroom for everyone to see.

Tuesdays, January 10 – February 7

Think Tiny

Create a diorama of a tiny scene from your imagination. Tiny chairs, a tiny forest, or tiny friends; it’s up to you! We will create a backstory, design the scene, and then start creating.

Tuesdays, February 14 – March 14

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Zentangles are a relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing repeating patterns. In this class, we will draw a series of zentangles to create your own coloring book and cover page. We will print one for you and one to give away.

Tuesdays, March 21 - April 25 (no class April 4)

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Acrylic Painting from Photographs (Ages 10+)

In this class, we will work off of photographs that you bring in! It can be a photograph of anything: a family photo, your own photography, a picture out of a magazine, or even a picture of your cat! We will work with acrylic paint on canvas and work on your realism painting skills. 

Wednesdays, January 11 – February 8

Printmaking (Ages 10+)

Come and learn about new types of printmaking, like carving foam, collagraphy, monotypes, and relief prints using stencils!

Wednesdays, February 15 – March 15

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Teen Mixed Media (Ages 13+)

An open studio, this class will cover collage and mixing two or more mediums to create art. With the instructor’s guidance, students will be free to create artwork out of the mediums of their choosing. This could be a mixed-media journal, large painting/collage, a cardboard sculpture with watercolor, etc. The mash-ups are endless.

Wednesdays, March 22 – April 26 (no class April 5) 

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Sewing by Hand

No experience necessary. We will make art out of fabric. Learn the basics of how to stitch and embroider. Imagine being able to create stuffed animals, decorative pillows, and more.

Thursdays, January 12 – February 9


Students will learn how to design, assemble, and grout tiles. The class will include several mosaics projects, like decorative pots, flower artwork, bug artwork, birdbaths, bird feeders, and more!

Thursdays, February 16 – March 16

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Winter Animals and their Habitats

Create artwork while learning about winter animals and where they live.

Thursdays, March 23 – April 27 (no class April 6)

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