Afterschool Classes

Ages 6–12 | 4 p.m.–5:30 p.m.

5-class session: $75 (RAM Family Members and above $67.50)


Meet the Masters

Learn about the most famous artists of all time, look at their art, and make your own inspired artworks via drawing, painting and mixed media.

Tuesdays, September 3–October 1

NEW! Drawing and Painting the Museum

From our beautiful architecture to changing art exhibits, you’ll explore every corner of the museum and create artwork based off of what you see.

Tuesdays, October 8–November 5

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NEW! Paper Cutting and Collage (Ages 8–12)

In this class, learn different paper-cutting techniques using scissors and X-acto knives to create intricate paper cuttings to use in collages.

Note: This class be using X-acto knives.

Tuesdays, November 12–December 17 (No class November 26)

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In order to start with Intermediate Drawing (w/o Beginning Drawing) or Advanced Drawing (w/o Beginning & Intermediate Drawing), you must email photos of sample artwork done by the student to Art Education Director Caryn Marsella at for approval.

Beginning Drawing

Want to learn how to draw? Let’s start with the basics. This class will begin with mark making, contour drawing, and cross-contour drawing.

Wednesdays, September 4–October 2

Intermediate Drawing

This class will teach intermediate drawing skills, including shading, perspective, and grid drawings. Must have completed Beginning Drawing to join this class.

Wednesdays, October 9–November 6

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Advanced Drawing

Use your skills from the first two classes in the series to create final artworks, including still lifes, landscapes, and portraits. Must have completed Beginning Drawing and Intermediate Drawing to join this class.

Wednesdays, November 13–December 18 (No class November 27)

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NEW! Central and South American Art

Explore the different cultures of Central and South America in this art class. You will learn about and create art from the Olmec civilization on the coast of Veracruz to the dream-like paintings of Chilean artist Mario Gomez.

Thursdays, September 5–October 3

NEW! Middle Eastern and African Art

Discover the rich history of the Middle East and Africa. Create art inspired by ancient civilizations to contemporary artists.

Thursdays, October 10–November 7

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Spanish/English Artistic Fun Back by popular demand!

This class is for students who know a little Spanish and are interested in picking up some more, as well as some new artistic skills.

Thursday, October 10–November 7

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NEW! Art of Asia

Explore the art of India, Japan, and more. Learn about the diverse cultures throughout Asia.

Thursdays, November 14–December 19 (No class November 28)

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