Yoga to Inspire: 10 Creative Practices with Jenny Montenegro

The art museum offers a space to reflect and find solace, and a place to go inside to see beauty all around you; yoga offers a space to become receptive, to soften, and explore the beauty within us. Pairing the two, art and yoga, amplifies the experience of mindfulness and creativity. This workshop will support you during any stage of your yoga practice with gentle nourishing Vinyasa flows and deep yin stretches. Each class will contain an intention, meditation, conscious breathing, and movement that will subtly build upon the last, concluding with savanna and final affirmation. Whether you come to one or all practices, this workshop will help you feel closer to yourself and more creative, and build trust in the process. 

Yoga roof web.jpgWednesdays and Fridays beginning September 12

7 a.m. – 8 a.m.

$10/class or $90/full 10-day workshop

Please bring your own yoga mat. Block and blanket optional.



Sept 12: Welcome

Sept 14: Embody

Sept 19: Release

Sept 21: Create

Sept 26: Nourish

Sept 28: Awaken

Oct 3: Cultivate

Oct 5: Amplify

Oct 10: Wisdom

Oct 12: Grace