The Art of Yoga: 10-day Progressive Workshop (Level 1) with Jenny Montenegro

This 10-day progressive workshop is designed for beginners and intermediate students seeking tools to develop or deepen a home asana practice by cultivating creativity through mind, body, and breath. Yoga has the capacity to deepen our artistic experience by practicing courage, discipline, presence, focus, movement, and space. Each week we’ll unlock the creative process through purposeful Vinyasa flows led by Jenny Montenegro.

Yoga roof web.jpgWednesdays and Fridays beginning June 13 (no class July 4)

7 a.m. – 8 a.m.

$10/class or $90/full 10-day workshop

Please bring your own mat.



Day 1: Inspiration | breathe (June 13)

Day 2: Sacred Geometry | standing poses (June 15)

Day 3: Tuning Inwards | forward folds (June 20)

Day 4: Lightness | hip openers (June 22)

Day 5: Grounding | standing balance (June 27)

Day 6: Open Heart | backbends (June 29)

Day 7: Changing Perspectives | inversions (July 6)

Day 8: Do Nothing | savasana/restore (July 11)

Day 9: Community | partner yoga (July 13)

Day 10: Celebrate YOU! | it all comes flowing (July 18)