RAM Summer Rewind

In case you missed RAM’s summer virtual art workshops and class sessions for youths and teens, here are some of them again at a discounted price. These workshops/sessions feature RAM art instructors teaching lessons via pre-recorded video and additional worksheets and activities as necessary to total one hours’ worth of instruction.

Your payment gives you access to the pre-recorded lessons you purchase ONLY through August 31, 2020.

Basic materials students will need at home to participate in our virtual workshops/sessions: paper, construction paper, scissors, glue, paint (red, yellow, blue, white, and black), watercolor palette, paint brushes, coloring tools (crayons, oil pastels, colored pencils, or markers), pencils, eraser. 

Additional materials may be necessary for certain workshops/sessions. Please see workshop/session descriptions below for details.

If you need supplies for any workshop/session you have signed your child up for, please contact Caryn Marsella at cmarsella@riversideartmuseum.org and we will supply them for an additional fee. 



Pre-recorded 1-Hour Workshops: $7.50 per workshop

Art of Fashion | Ages 5–17 

This workshop is tailored for the aspiring fashionista. We will explore fashion magazine covers and you will work on your own fashion designs. If you love fashion, then this class is the perfect fit. 

Drawing Animals | Ages 5–17 

Join us and make art focusing only on animals! Learn about the fundamentals of art and how to draw and create animals by drawing. 

African Safari | Ages 5–17

What kind of animals would you see on an African safari? We will look at these animals and learn how to draw a few! 

Color Theory | Ages 5–17

Ever wonder why artists use color wheels? We will talk about different colors and learn to mix colors! 

We Love Riverside | Ages 5–17

We will look at beautiful things from Riverside and create artwork based off of them. If you love your city, you will love this class.

Pastels | Ages 5–17

In this class, we will explore the basics of working with chalk pastels and oil pastels. Then, we will create an artwork using these skills.

Special materials list: oil pastels and chalk pastels

Creating a Storybook | Ages 5–17 

Have you ever wondered how to make your own storybook just like the ones you love reading? We will talk about how to create your own story and design illustrations for each page step by step. 

Pirate Island | Ages 5–17

Ahoy mateys! Kids will explore deserted islands, treasure chests, pirate ships, and more! This class will give students ideas for art projects, all pirate themed!

Recycled Materials | Ages 5–17

In this class, we will use all things recycled to turn “junk” into beautiful masterpieces! The instructor will demo and teach you about techniques on how to help your 3D artwork come to life.

Special materials list: recyclable materials, hot glue

Cardboard Creations | Ages 5–17

Have you been ordering things online? Have you thought about creating art with the leftover cardboard boxes? This class will teach you techniques on how to connect and create with cardboard to create 2D and 3D artwork.

Special materials list: cardboard, hot glue

Watercolor | Ages 5–17

This class will go over basic watercolor techniques for beginners to create a painting. 

Air-Dry Clay | Ages 5–17

Take a lump of clay, put it in your hands, and experience endless creative possibilities. Learn basic clay techniques and create a small sculpture.

Special materials list: air-dry clay, clay tools


Pre-Recorded 5-Class Sessions, 1 Hour Per Class: $35 per session

Underwater Adventure | Ages 5–9 

Let’s dive deep to discover the underwater sea world! Students will discover creatures great and small while using various mediums to create.

The Art of Nature | Ages 5–9

Create original nature artwork in a variety of mediums. The earth, sea, and stars will be our nature journal and we will discover and create together.  

Zoology | Ages 5–9

Do you love animals? If so, then look no further! This class combines our love of animals and art as we craft extraordinary pieces of artwork. Students will create collage, drawing, and painting keepsakes using different mediums.

Mixed Media | Ages 5–9

Beyond drawing, painting, and printmaking lies mixed media, a wide-open combination of art forms that encompasses multiple art tools and materials. Be ready to experiment. 

Paint, Twist, and Sculpt | Ages 5–9

Explore and experiment with 3D and 2D art making. Students will learn about the Elements of Art and create sculptures and paintings using a variety of materials including collage, cardboard, paper-mache, paint, and more.