Blue Door Museum Store Consignment Overview and Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of The Blue Door Museum Store at the Riverside Art Museum.

The goal of The Blue Door Museum Store is to provide a unique shopping experience for our patrons by featuring local artists’ work and providing an additional source of revenue for museum programs, as well as for the local artists whose consigned work is offered for sale here.

Eligible Work

The Blue Door Museum Store is looking for unique items that are made by local artists and artisans. These items must be made with a high standard of craftsmanship, design, and composition and should also seek to reflect the Riverside Art Museum's mission statement, promote current exhibits and classes, and highlight Riverside history.

Items that we are looking for include: jewelry, note cards and stationary, children's items, vases, pottery, ceramics and glass work, kitchen and garden items, magnets, original small format paintings and prints, sculpture, and other unique gift items that may represent historic RAM and Riverside (oranges, Raincross, Mission Inn, etc.).

The Blue Door Museum Store patrons include RAM members, tourists, children, and visitors to the museum, as well as the general public who shop here for unique, artist-made items and art.

We are, of course, looking for competitively priced work to ensure that the items sell and are marketable to a budget-conscious audience, but we will always consider higher ticket items as well.

Selection Process

Interested parties must fill out an application and submit three JPG images of item(s) to be considered for sale in The Blue Door Museum Store. After juried review of your submissions, we will contact you via email with a decision. On acceptance, the artist will be provided with a consignment agreement (60/40), W9, checklist of materials submitted, consignee contract, and inventory sheet. Once accepted, an appointment must be made with The Blue Door Museum Store to turn in the completed paperwork, discuss inventory procedures, and to select items.

Evaluation Criteria for Consideration


Each object submitted must be well designed and constructed. Items should be tasteful, unique, and professionally crafted. The distinction of high quality for an affordable price is one of the main criteria for selecting items for sale in The Blue Door Museum Store.


An object must be handmade by the applicant. Issues of durability, assembly, execution, and appropriate finish will be considered.


While issues of design and craftsmanship are prime considerations, The Blue Door Museum Store will also consider marketability. The jury is aware of what our target audience is inclined to buy and will make decisions based on this. The main objective of The Blue Door Museum Store is to consistently generate sales and not to simply showcase beautiful, expensive items. It is critical that the inventory moves. Items that don’t sell will be returned to the artist. Artists must pick up work within 30 days after notification. Due to storage space limitations, items will be discarded after 30 days.

Suggestions for Items Submitted

Items submitted for consideration in The Blue Door Museum Store should represent the very best of the applicant’s work and reflect expertise in skill and technique. Limited numbers of original designs and items will inspire the buyer and encourage repeat visits. Remember, quality over quantity.


Payment for items sold in The Blue Door Museum Store is sent to consignors on a monthly basis, if the amount exceeds twenty dollars at each payment interval.

The Blue Door Museum Store will receive 40% commission and the consignor will receive 60% of the selling price. (Subject to change.)

To Apply

Submit the following information via email to with the email subject line “Attention: Jean Aklufi”:

Thank you for your interest in The Blue Door Museum Store at the Riverside Art Museum.